Ben K
I used dac repair services and was incredibly pleased that they were able to help me to get it fixed. I would recommend them to any one that is having problems with their DAC. They got 3 accidents removed from my report.

Howard M.
“I just wanted to drop you all a line and say thank you so much for what you do and your understanding attitude. There just is not kind enough words one can say. Thank you, falls way short.”

Robert P.
“I appreciate you guys being out there for me. This is the only thing I want to do.”

Troy H.
“I just want to thank you all for your high level of professionalism. You were my last chance to stay on the road and you delivered.”

Earl M.
“God bless you, blessed men of God and I just wanted to give you my praise report.”

Derrick B.
“I am very sorry it took so long to respond, but I want you to know I am very satisfied with the work you’ve done, I would also like to thank Tammy and Linda for all the help they’ve given.

Mark B.
“I wanted to get at least 2 incidents removed and with three removed, you surpassed my expectations. I will definitely recommend your services.”

Paul M.
“I am glad there is some advocacy out there for us because it sure seems like a one way street.”

Traveler A.
“DAC Repair Team: Thank you! I’m heading to CR England. Still hoping to be running a train yet. If not at least an 18 wheeler.”

Roderick S.
“You guys are the best! Victor, Jeremy, Nicole and everyone there was great. I have a clean report!”

Robert B.
“I see that you were successful in having the false ‘accident” report removed from my DAC. It is now clean as it should be. Thank you very much. You may be sure that I will be pleased to recommend your service to other drivers as often as I can.”

Jeff C
I never knew there was anyone to speak for us!

Charles L
I am just glad I stumbled across you guys on the Internet. At least someone is looking out for the drivers!

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