DAC Repair - $349

Is there a problem with your report? We obtain one copy of your DAC Report for you and then your Driver Advocate works to clean up your report, quickly and easily. We ensure that negative work history information is removed.
Each report contains your complete job, criminal and motor vehicle history. Report includes:

  • Complete job history & incident / accident report
  • Motor vehicle report with all serious and minor traffic violations
  • All misdemeanor, felony, minor citations criminal history, data base search
  • National Driver Register

One Complete DAC Report - $49

Just need a copy of your DAC Report? We obtain your most recent report for you. Each report contains your complete job, criminal, drug & alcohol test history and motor vehicle history.

Dacrepair.com is dedicated to upholding the rights of drivers. Itís simple. The DAC report can easily be taken advantage of when the wrong person is in charge. It is important to monitor and maintain a clean dac report to stay employed in the industry. Here at Dacrepair.com, we know your rights and it is our goal to protect them.

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